Doctor Who Fans Have Crowned the Best Episode – Do You Agree?

A 60th anniversary poll has revealed which of Doctor Who’s TV adventures is the official fan favourite, and the winner might be a surprise…

Choosing your favourite Doctor Who episode feels a bit like choosing your favourite child, except you probably don’t have 800-plus children, so maybe it’s even worse.

But that’s exactly what Doctor Who Magazine inflicted on fans earlier this year, sugaring the pill ever so slightly by combining all the multiple-episode stories into one, which helpfully narrowed the choice from over 800 episodes to 300 “TV adventures”. 

Who fans were tasked with rating all episodes out of ten – narrowing it down to 37 stories – and then asked to pick their top five from this list. After much number crunching, the top 10 TV adventures were revealed. 

And there was one clear winner: “Heaven Sent”.


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