What’s Next for the BBC Ghosts Cast?

From Wonka to Grantchester to The Great British Sewing Bee, here’s what’s coming up for Ghosts’ creators and stars.

Cast of Ghosts S5
Photo: BBC, Monumental,Robbie Gray

For the last five years, January has meant one thing to the cast of Ghosts: trundling over to West Horsley Place in Surrey to film the next series. Not in 2024. The BBC comedy’s final episode is set to air this Christmas, and after that, what do this in-demand lot have planned?

Plenty, it turns out. They’ll be popping up on screen and stage, as well as writing new projects both individually and together. As Larry Rickard told Den of Geek, “It’s not like we’re [famously fractious 70s soft rock band] The Eagles and we hate each other!” A Ghosts reunion down the line “wouldn’t be a mountain to climb,” says Rickard. “It’s a door that’s shut but obviously, doors have hinges and handles.”

And ghosts can just walk through them, we venture? “Well exactly, they haven’t even got to go to the effort of opening them.”

“We were quite definite, and this will probably become clearer in the fullness of time. We weren’t bluffing when we were going that’s us drawing a line under it, but if in the future everyone decides there might be some more, another way of doing it and someone, somewhere is willing to pay for that, we might find a way, but it will depend on whether everyone’s willing and able. Who can say, but for now we’re happy chasing down some other things.”


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