Rick and Morty: Just the Lore Episodes

As the Rick and Morty lore grows more complex, here is a guide to all the episodes that keep track of it.

The Smith-Sanchez family eating breakfast at the table in Rick and Morty.
Photo: Adult Swim

The idea of there being expansive “lore” for Adult Swim’s animated comedy Rick and Morty must seem so silly to people who don’t watch it. “Lore? You mean the goofy show about the drunk scientist and his grandson going on space adventures has a complicated canon?” Yes, believe it or not, we do mean exactly that!

While the show’s writers have historically been hesitant to fully embrace that lore in favor of self-contained episodic adventures, Rick and Morty does indeed have an overarching story featuring important backstory and a continuing plot. Through seven seasons, the series has included a handful of episodes that delve into Rick Sanchez’s origin story and his continuing mission for multiversal revenge. And according to us, those episodes are consistently among the series’ best.

Surely, creator Dan Harmon and company would prefer that you watch Rick and Morty as the complete, episodic experience it was intended as. But if you ever felt like delving into only the lore episodes to appreciate the movie-length saga of Rick Sanchez’s pain, we’ve got ahead and compiled that list for you here. What follows is a complete guide to Rick and Morty: just the lore episodes.

Season 1 Episode 6: Rick Potion #9

Original Air Date: Jan. 27, 2014


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