Star Trek Actor Confirms the Return of a Major Voyager Character

Robert Picardo opens up about his return as The Doctor in Star Trek: Prodigy!

Star Trek Voyager Cast
Photo: CBS via Getty Images

After being lost for so long, Star Trek: Prodigy has finally made it home, and it’s bringing along an old friend. After Prodigy‘s well-regarded first season, Paramount+, the streaming service that touted itself “the home of Star Trek,” removed the shelved the completed second season before it had a chance to air.

Fortunately, Prodigy will return on Netflix on Dec. 25, starting with all of season one, with season two slated to release in 2024. Even better, Robert Picardo has confirmed via Twitter that he will appear in the second season as the Emergency Medical Hologram, better known as the Doctor.

“Now that our strike has ended, I am pleased to confirm that I will be on season 2 of #StarTrekProdigy,” wrote Picardo.

Honestly, it’s about time. Despite having a wonderful and varied career, with standout roles in everything from Innerspace and Total Recall to The Wonder Years and Stargate SG-1, Picardo remains especially involved in Star Trek fandom. Furthermore, the Voyager crew has been at the forefront of modern Trek, with the Voyager-J showing up in Discovery, Tuvok and Seven of Nine appearing in Picard, and Robert Duncan McNeil lending his voice to Lower Decks (albeit as not-Tom Paris Nick Locarno in recent episodes).


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