Quantum Leap to Explore New Kind of Time Travel (Exclusive)

In a new Quantum Leap clip, Ben runs into a familiar face and opens up new possibilities for the series.

Ben Song (Raymond Lee) and Hannah Carson (Eliza Taylor) in Quantum Leap Season 2 Episode 6.
Photo: NBC

One of the hallmarks of Quantum Leap, both the original and new series, is the leaper impacting different lives across time. Rarely did Sam (Scott Bakula) or Ben (Raymond Lee) encounter the same characters across multiple leaps but that’s all about to change in a big way.

In this exclusive clip from season 2 episode 6 of the new Quantum Leap, “Secret History,” Ben runs into Hannah Carson (Eliza Taylor), a diner waitress he’d previously met in 1949, but it’s now 1955 on a completely different leap!

As Jenn (Nanrisa Lee) summarizes to Ben, the odds are “crazy slim” that he’d run into the same person on two different leaps. She’s right and the history of Quantum Leap backs her up. In the original series, which mostly consisted of stand-alone episodes, Sam hardly ever ran across the same people on different leaps. The biggest exceptions to these would be when he leapt into the LaMotta family twice, in the episodes “Jimmy” and “Deliver Us From Evil.” The other was when he leapt across the lifetime of Lee Harvey Oswald in the season 5 premiere.

This makes it seem like what the new Quantum Leap is doing in this clip isn’t all that special. However, those episodes weren’t fully committed to exploring the implications of running across the same people in different time periods. In “Deliver Us From Evil” the plot was more centered around how an Evil Leaper was destroying the LaMotta family, not just how Sam had impacted them. The episode that centered on Lee Harvey Oswald was mostly focused on Sam simply reliving the life of Oswald.


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