The Lazarus Project Recap: Series One’s Time Loops & Resets Explained for Anyone Whose Head is Hurting

With series two out now, here’s where George, Shiv, Rebrov, Janet and the time loop were left after series one’s cliffhanger.

Paapa Essiedu in The Lazarus Project series 2
Photo: Sky Max

Warning: contains major spoilers for The Lazarus Project series one.

The new series of The Lazarus Project on Sky does not mess about. Episode one plunges viewers straight back into the action and expects them to keep up with George and the gang’s time travel twists. The last time we saw them, they were stuck in a constantly repeating three-week loop caused by a collapsing-in-on-itself black hole and everybody was losing their sanity. As series two introduces more time travel to the plot, things only get more complicated.

If your memory of all that needs a little refresher on what everybody was up to the last time we saw them, with series one spoilers ahead, read on.

The Very Short Version: Resets, Time Loops & 2012

As brief as we can make it: George betrayed the Lazarus Project by causing a global war so they’d have to reset time to before his girlfriend Sarah died in an accident. He killed Shiv and framed him as the traitor, and when time was reset, Shiv disappeared. George got Sarah back, but this time around she dumped him.


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