Doctor Who: Iconic Character Returns in Children In Need Special

The Fourteenth Doctor arrives with a bang! And there’s a surprise appearance from a familiar face…

David Tennant in the Doctor Who Children In Need special
Photo: BBC

With the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials just around the corner, all eyes were on the BBC’s annual Children In Need TV fundraiser when it was announced we’d be getting a special scene featuring the first proper look at David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor, alongside comedian Mawaan Rizwan. 

Written by showrunner Russell T Davies, the scene promised the Doctor will uncover “an age old mystery involving one of his oldest foes”, and – as Rizwan’s uniform suggested in the preview photo – it was the Daleks. 

Except, as we quickly discovered, they weren’t called the Daleks yet! Watch the clip below:

There was one particular detail in the five-minute scene which made Whovians lose their minds, as an iconic character returned:


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