For All Mankind Just Started a Different Kind of War on Mars

In the second episode of For All Mankind’s fourth season, Miles arrives on Mars to find his exciting new job really ain’t it.

Toby Kebbell in For All Mankind
Photo: Apple TV+

This review contains spoilers

For All Mankind takes a tentative step into class conflict this week, as Toby Kebbell’s blue collar ex-rig worker Miles arrives at Mars’ so-called Happy Valley to discover that actually things are pretty Miserable Valley for people like him.

Miles steps off his flight to Mars and straight into the red planet’s version of an army bootcamp in episode two of the show’s fourth season, immediately discovering that due to the stalled asteroid mission, he’s been relegated from fuel technician to glorified janitor. Not only will he miss out on seeing Mars, but he’s been dumped in a dead man’s bunk underground with the rest of the proletariat. Any time he goes above ground, he’s forced to eat shit by the bourgeoisie astronauts and scientists, and he can’t even get messages from home because that kinda luxury is currently reserved for the people who “matter”.

It’s all a bit heavy-handed, and it plays out over an on-the-nose montage set to Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood, but it sufficiently makes us sympathetic to Miles’ plight. In the midst of all this, Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) also becomes more of a villain than he’s been in previous seasons, dismissing Miles’ concerns and mocking his reasons for being on Mars in the first place. It’s up to Danielle (Krys Marshall), freshly installed in the leader’s chair, to call out the societal problems at Happy Valley and force change on her grumpy new Mars team, of which Ed is truly the grumpiest.


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