Fear the Walking Dead Finale Ending Explained and What Happened to Alicia

Fear the Walking Dead has come to a close. Here’s who lived and died in the horror-fueled finale. Plus, what really happened to Alicia?

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11.
Photo: Seth F. Johnson | AMC

This Fear the Walking article contains spoilers.

After eight seasons, the popular zombie horror series Fear the Walking Dead came to a close with a two-part finale, concluding the saga of Madison Clark and her fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. Along the blood-soaked way, there is plenty of death and betrayal as the survivors battle for the fate of PADRE, an island refuge that becomes threatened by the ravenous undead hordes amid the power struggle between the living. Telling a largely self-contained story within the wider Walking Dead universe, the Fear the Walking Dead series finale provides its main characters with a send-off and perhaps the closest thing they’ll ever get to a happy ending.

Here are all the major deaths in the Fear the Walking Dead series finale, what becomes of those who survive long enough to make it to the end credits, and how the show resolves the mystery of Alicia, Madison’s daughter, who had been presumed dead ever since the start of the final season.

Who Died in the Fear the Walking Dead Finale?

The major deaths rocking the Fear the Walking Dead finale take place within the first hour, with both Crane and Troy dead as the final battle lines are drawn. Crane had been vying for revenge against Madison and Troy ever since he and his sister were ousted from controlling PADRE. He finds his enemies together in the finale and pursuing them in the woods. Crane sends Madison and Troy tumbling into a creek full of walkers and taunts them from the creek’s banks. This backfires, with Madison yelling to draw more walkers to the creek. The walkers overwhelm and devour Crane.


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