The Family Guy Jokes We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads

It seems like everyone has a Family Guy jokes they can’t forget. Here are ours.

Photo: Art by Lucy Quintanilla

Family Guy is a divisive show. Whether that’s because of its rough and oftentimes offensive early episodes, the inevitable Simpsons comparisons, or even just Seth MacFarlane’s uncannily-handsome-for-an-animator visage, Family Guy is the kind of thing that few brag about enjoying. 

Still, over the series’ remarkable 22-season run it has churned out some truly incredible jokes. Family Guy’s laissez faire approach to plot, continuity, and basic organization make it at times little more than a joke delivery machine. And reader, some of those jokes are so damn funny. Whether you watch the show regularly or just come across the occasional clip on TikTok, pretty much everyone has at least one Family Guy joke they can’t seem to get out of their head. 

Here are some of ours.

“Lara, is Dylan McDermott nice in person?”

Something about Peter Griffin’s voice embeds itself in your psyche. While MacFarlane started with the roots of a regional New England accent for his titular family guy, he also injects just enough weirdness to make Peter’s dialect one-of-a-kind. That’s why most of my favorite Family Guy jokes involve Peter merely saying a word in a slightly offbeat way. 


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