60 Brilliant Moments in Doctor Who History

Wishing Doctor Who a happy 60th birthday with 60 unforgettable bits from the show, the fandom and more.

Doctor Who past Doctors montage with Dalek and TARDIS
Photo: BBC, BBC Studios (made by Chloe Lewis)

60 years is a long time. For us, if not for the Doctor, who can pass six decades in a single blink and once spent over four billion years trapped inside a coaster. For those of us on Earth though, 60 years is a very long time to have been a part of things, to have been loved and argued about and mourned and revived and then loved and argued about even more.

To celebrate Doctor Who’s miraculous longevity, below are 60 moments from its lifetime that mark it out as something special. Rather than talking about full episodes, stories or seasons, here we’re looking at individual scenes, ideas or images from the show, as well as ephemera surrounding Doctor Who: a cultural moment, a slice of life, a shared experience. This could range from toys to songs to UGNs (Unexpected Graham Nortons).

There are countless to choose from. There are countless perspectives to consider. Your own list will doubtless be different (please share in the comments), but for a show with this much history and scope… isn’t that sort of the point?

1. Barbara Yells at the Doctor (The Edge of Destruction, 1964)

Doctor Who Barbara and the Doctor in Edge of Destruction

In season one’s ‘The Edge of Destruction’, the Doctor accuses companions Barbara and Ian of sabotage and she has some choice words for him by way of response:


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