The TV Chefs We’d Let Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

From Christopher Pike to Bob Belcher, here are the TV characters that we’d trust to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) on The Bear, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) on WandaVision, and Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) on Bob's Burgers.
Photo: FXP | Marvel | 20th Television

Have you ever watched a TV show and dreamt about the food being made on screen? We’re not talking about the professional chefs on Food Network or other cooking shows, that’s a conversation for another time, but rather the fictional characters that know their way around a kitchen and make you wish you could reach through the glass to taste what they’re making.

There’s no better time of year to fantasize about the TV characters that we would love to cook for us than Thanksgiving – the holiday dedicated to stuffing your face with delicious food all day long. Whether you opt for a traditional meal or avoid turkey entirely, most people will agree that the best part about Thanksgiving is the food, especially if you’re not the one cooking it.

From Michelin star caliber chefs to space captains to loving parents, here are the TV characters that we’d let cook our Thanksgiving dinner.

Christopher Pike – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Even though Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set in a time where any food from across the galaxy can be replicated with the push of a button, Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) still enjoys making home-cooked meals for his friends. Pike understands that food is a universal language of commiseration and bonding, and uses his skills in the kitchen to give the crew of the Enterprise a safe space to open up, share their joys and frustrations, and take a break from their often overwhelming duties as soldiers and explorers. Inviting Pike to cook a Thanksgiving meal means that you are in for one of the best meals you’ve ever had – and it doesn’t hurt that he also looks great in an apron. – Brynna Arens


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