Doctor Who: The Star Beast Review

Everything old is new again in The Star Beast – a reunion episode but not a reset button. Spoilers ahead.

Doctor Who 60th anniversary special poster for The Star Beast
Photo: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/Disney

Warning: this review contains plot spoilers for “The Star Beast”

What have you been up to this week? Myself, I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who; flitting back and forth between eras, staring bemusedly at a colourised version of “The Daleks” with its bewildering new edit and shouting in excitement when Ncuti Gatwa winked at David Bradley, before popping off to revisit “Partners in Crime” ahead of this – the main event.

From an era when the show was an international phenomenon, the leading lights of Doctor Who have reunited, both in front of and behind the camera. Their unspoken mission statement is clear: do whatever is needed to make the show, which has demonstrably declined in popularity in recent years, a certified smash once again.

And so, with the band back together, they’ve chosen to begin by playing the old hits. Familiar Doctor, familiar catchphrases, familiar London. We’ll need to wait a while until we can say for sure whether or not this nostalgia-heavy approach is wise, but there is one thing we can ask right now: did they succeed in bringing us what is, in essence, a new Tenth Doctor and Donna story?


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