Russell T Davies Explains What Inspired the New TARDIS

They’ve redecorated. We like it!

Catherine Tate David Tennant in the new TARDIS interior
Photo: BBC Studios

Warning: contains spoilers for “The Star Beast”

Doctor Who’s new TARDIS interior set will do “amazing things,” promises producer Phil Collinson. Speaking alongside fellow producer Vicki Delow and actor David Tennant on the official inside commentary accompanying “The Star Beast”, Collinson explained that the vast new white interior engineered by production designer Phil Sims isn’t only as big as it looks, but also has some surprises in store.

“All the lights work independently, they can spell out words. Every single one of the roundel lights is an individually controlled LED light. Viewers, you are going to see this set do amazing things through the series.”

Tennant describes it as a great honour to have been the Doctor to unveil the new TARDIS interior, and have been “the first person to fiddle” with the super-sized new console and multi-layer gantries, as well as the first person to run around it like a child at Disneyworld. “There’s these tantalising doors to other places.”


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