The Unsung Heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

These are the people who truly make Marvel’s superheroes capable of greatness.

Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki Season 2
Photo: Marvel Studios

This article contains minor spoilers

We all love Captain America and Iron Man. Those shining icons made the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the powerhouse franchise that we know, and that at least some of us continue to love. But the MCU has never been just about the guys in the suits. Kevin Feige and his collaborators built the franchise on the regular people around those with cool costumes and code names, the normal folks who trade witty barbs and give Spider-Man and Captain Marvel something to fight for. 

These heroes deserve their day in the sun. So here are fifteen of the greatest non-superpowered heroes of the MCU! 


We all know that one guy who can never shut up, but who is just so charming about it that we don’t care. That’s Luis, Scott Lang’s affable ex-con pal and business partner, played by Michael Peña. On a plot level, Luis helps Scott find his grounding after his release from prison in the first Ant-Man and sets up the job that leads Scott to the Pym residence. But Luis serves a larger purpose as a constant source of good-natured energy for the movie. 


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