Doctor Who: The Star Beast – Behind-the-Scenes Facts, Easter Eggs & Nerdy Details

David Tennant and Russell T Davies on The Star Beast’s homage to a Classic Who episode, what’s inside The Meep, the Sonic’s new functions, “the Boss” mystery and more.

Doctor Who Unleashed The Star Beast behind the scenes filming shot
Photo: BBC Studios/Alistair Heap

There has never been so much behind-the-scenes BBC coverage of Doctor Who. “The Star Beast” ran for a single hour, but already has an in-episode commentary from David Tennant and producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow, a half-hour instalment of companion show Doctor Who: Unleashed, plus a half-hour official accompanying podcast. And that’s on top of all the interviews, features and in-depth looks from Doctor Who Magazine. Seekers of nerdy insights  – our cup runneth seriously over.

For each of the three anniversary specials, and then continuing through Christmas 2023 and series fourteen, we can watch the episode, watch it again with the commentary, listen to the podcast and catch up with Steffan Powell’s exclusive Unleashed coverage. Do all that and you’ll probably need some kind of energy drink and a biscuit, but the fun titbits below are a taste of what you can glean.

1. “The Star Beast” shoot began on May 9 2022, and the first scene shot was Donna, Sylvia and Rose talking in the kitchen. The Noble Temple house and garden were built in a studio, and the exterior for No. 23 was filmed at Axminster Road, Penylan, Cardiff, CF23. Axminster Road were the only residents’ association approached who were happy to welcome an exploding van and Wrarth Warriors on stilts at 4am over several night shoots.

2. The Camden Market scene in which the Doctor reunites with Donna was filmed during a 2022 heatwave but it rained at night – look closely and you can spot raindrops appear and disappear on the cardboard box Donna is holding.


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