The New Quantum Leap Cameo Scott Bakula Turned Down

At one time Sam was set to be a major part of the new Quantum Leap series.

The new Quantum Leap cameo Scott Bakula turned down.
Photo: NBC

If there’s one question that dominates discussion around the new Quantum Leap, especially with those who aren’t die-hard fans, it’s a simple one. “Is Scott Bakula gonna show up?” Even two seasons in there’s still a hope among original series fans that original series star Bakula will somehow make a return appearance as Dr. Sam Beckett. 

It’s not as if Bakula has avoided more modern throwbacks to the original series. He made a comedic return as Sam in a sketch on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016 and a self-deprecating appearance on a Quantum Leap-referencing episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in 2017. Bakula clearly has affection for the role, so why hasn’t he appeared in the new series?

It’s not for lack of trying. In 2022 the script for the original version of the pilot of the new Quantum Leap leaked online, its legitimacy confirmed by the experts at the Quantum Leap Podcast, and it contains the holy grail for classic series fans. Sam is in it!

The script, which was later reworked into episode 6 of the new series, features a scene towards the end of the story with Janis Calavicci, daughter of original series character Al Calavicci, secretly watching events at Project headquarters. In a reflection of a monitor a young man stands next to her and says, “Your father would be proud.”


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