Link Tank: Godzilla Minus One Poster Giveaway!

Find out how you can win an epic collection of Godzilla Minus One posters and more in Link Tank!

Calling all Godzilla fans! In honor of the release of Godzilla Minus One, we’re giving away 25 sets of epic posters from the latest monster movie! Discover all the details on how to enter below:

Beloved parody artist Weird Al uses his Spotify Wrapped video to criticize the music streamer for not giving the artists enough money.

“Spotify Wrapped went live today, giving users a detailed roundup of the music they listened to in the past year, which makes us all ask, ‘Is that seriously my most listened-to song?’ This year’s Wrapped featured messages from your favorite artists, such as Taylor Swift, SZA, and even Weird Al, who had some choice words for Spotify’s pay structure. ‘It’s my understanding that I had over 80 million streams on Spotify this year, so if I’m doing the math right that means I earned $12. So, you know, enough to get myself a nice sandwich at a restaurant,’ said Weird Al in his message on Spotify.”

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