Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder – Behind-the-Scenes Facts, Easter Eggs & Nerdy Details

Gravity/Mavity, the classic-era story homage, the Isaac Newton actor’s other RTD drama, Tennant’s big arms, Jimbo the robot, and more.

Doctor and Donna driving in Doctor Who: Unleashed for Wild Blue Yonder
Photo: James Pardon/BBC Studios

Unlike “The Star Beast”, there’s no in-episode commentary for “Wild Blue Yonder” but there’s still plenty for fans of nerdy making-of details to get their teeth into thanks to this informative how-to thread from director Tom Kingsley, and this bonus video going into how the VFX and practical in-camera effects were achieved.

Add to that a fresh episode of The Official Doctor Who Podcast containing nuggets from Russell T Davies alongside reactions and chat from hosts Christel Dee, Juno Dawson and Tyrell Charles. Plus a decent behind-the-scenes tour from Doctor Who: Unleashed. Watch and listen to them all for fun factoids and titbits like the ones below.

1. Speaking on The Official Doctor Who Podcast, Russell T Davies cites a season 15 serial as the inspiration for “Wild Blue Yonder”:

“People expect you to base episodes on old or classic episodes like “Genesis of the Daleks” or “The Caves of Androzani”, or “Blink” or “The Timeless Child” [sic] – I don’t think anyone really expected me to base an episode on “Underworld”. Because that’s what we’ve done. We’ve got special effect corridors all the way through, we’ve got corridors that the cast aren’t really in, just like they did all those years ago. That probably took you by surprise.”


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