The Giggle: Every New Trailer, Clip and Clue for Doctor Who’s Next Episode

The Giggle looks like an explosive end to Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary episodes – but what twisted game is Neil Patrick Harris’ Toymaker playing? Let’s look at the facts

Doctor Who The Giggle
Photo: bbc

If you’d polled a million Doctor Who fans last week asking them to predict what would happen in “Wild Blue Yonder” – the second of three 60th anniversary specials – not a single one of them would have come close to guessing what that wild ride of an episode entailed. This leaves us wondering: what on earth have they got lined up for “The Giggle”, the third and final episode?

Some things we’ve known for a while: David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be back as the fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble, Neil Patrick Harris will play The Toymaker – a Who villain that we haven’t seen on TV since the sixties – and Jemma Redgrave is back as UNIT boss Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

Pretty much everything else we know has been gleaned from cryptic glimpses in teasers and trailers – so let’s put all the evidence we have so far together:

The Power of The Doctor Teaser:Can Someone Tell Me What The Hell is Going On Here?”

It was over a year ago (at the end of “The Power of The Doctor”) that we first saw Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker in action, waving menacingly at the camera in his top hat and tails.


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