The Problem with Squid Game: The Challenge’s Final Game

The end game on Squid Game: The Challenge is flawed … but not for the reason you might think.

A key in the sand on Squid Game: The Challenge
Photo: Netflix

This article contains spoilers for SQUID GAME: THE CHALLENGE through episode 10. 

Netflix‘s Squid Game: The Challenge is as tense and difficult a reality competition as you’re ever likely to see.

Based on Netflix’s own South Korean hit drama Squid Game, this 10-episode series brought 456 people from around the world together to compete in a succession of games, votes, and tricks all for the opportunity of being the last player standing and winning $4.56 million.

Even without the occasional reports of unsafe environments and threatened litigation, it was apparent to those watching that Squid Game: The Challenge was one hell of a … well, challenge. The show is positively filled with sobbing contestants dealing the psychological and physical perils of engaging in a battle to the (thankfully metaphorical) death. Poor player 299 even got so stressed that he nearly puked up chunks of dalgona all over the colorful, fabricated playground.


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