Every Power Rangers Christmas Episode Ranked

No, it’s not a Megazord toy under your tree, it’s our ranking of every single Power Rangers Christmas episode ever!

The cover of the Power Rangers VHS tape, "Alpha's Magical Christmas" with the morphed Rangers around Santa.
Photo: Hasbro

Amongst many a Power Rangers fan, Christmas was not only the most wonderful time of year but more importantly, a time to add to your collection of Power Rangers merchandise. If you were lucky the toys for the upcoming season would have trickled into your local toy store, letting you get your first look at the newest team of Rangers.

Christmas also brought Power Rangers Christmas specials! Which means we got to see what our favorite heroes wanted for Christmas, Christmas themed monsters, and an oddly intense point of Power Rangers canon that might make Santa the most powerful character ever. Below are all the Power Rangers Christmas episodes, ranked from the worst to the best.

Honorable Mention: Power Rangers SPD


While not a Christmas or holiday episode, it needs to be mentioned as one of the few times any other holiday traditions are brought up in the series. When Red Ranger Jack and Green Ranger Bridge are given new bikes, Jack exclaims that Christmas came early. Bridge helpfully clears up,


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