Vigil Series 1 Recap: DCI Amy Silva’s Fiancé, DI Kirsten Longacre, Poppy, & the Russians

Need a refresher on what happened to Suranne Jones’ Amy Silva and Rose Leslie’s Kirsten Longacre last time? Series 1 spoilers ahead

Suranne Jones Vigil
Photo: BBC/World Productions

Warning: contains spoilers for Vigil series one.

DCI Amy Silva is back! Even if most people would have quit Police Scotland and retrained as a florist the moment we hit dry land after what happened on board nuclear submarine HMS Vigil, Silva is not most people.

In Vigil series two (it’s still called that, even though the boat it’s named after is history), Silva is taking on a different branch of the British Armed Forces – the Royal Air Force. When a brutal incident occurs at a Scottish air base, Silva is drafted in to kick ass and take names. And seeing as it’s now over two years since the first series aired on BBC One, here’s a brief reminder of where Silva, her step-daughter Poppy, her partner Kirsten Longacre and their last case were left.

If you want even more detail, read our series one ending explainer here, and our spoiler-filled series one episode reviews here.


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