The Best TV Shows of 2023

Our choices for the best TV shows of 2023 feature fungi, falls, fake juries, and fishes (seven of them to be precise).

Photo: Art by Lucy Quintanilla

With each passing year, cataloguing the best TV shows of the previous 365 days becomes harder and harder. That which we call “television” is such an enormous, broad concept that it seems impossible to even categorize it, let alone rank it in a neat fashion. Basically any TV show you could ever dream of can be found with the right combination of cable packages and streaming subscriptions.

Want the best video game adaptation ever? Boom. It’s done. Feel like watching a bespoke eight-episode saga that brings the works of Edgar Allan Poe to the present day for a political horror satire about the opioid epidemic? Off to Netflix you go. What about a cartoonish dramedy featuring a nun overcoming the trauma of losing her Las Vegas magician father by finding the literal holy grail to turn off a world-ruling artificial intelligence? You’re gonna have to try harder than that to trick the algorithm.

So why even bother with a “Best TV Shows of 2023” list? Same reason we want to go to the moon, as For All Mankind could tell you: because it’s there. As long as TV is around we’re going to make the attempt to celebrate the best of it. With that in mind, please enjoy our selections for the best TV the year had to offer.

25. Mrs. Davis

Available on: Peacock (U.S.)


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