“It’s So Hard for Us to Say Goodbye” Archer Producers on ‘Into the Cold’ Finale and Beyond

The Archer series finale executive producers discuss closure, catharsis, and their lost “Archergeddon” season.

“ARCHER: Into the Cold “ — Finale (airs December 17th) Pictured: Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin). CR: FX
Photo: FX

This interview does not contain major spoilers for Archer: Into the Cold but does tease certain moments.

It’s not the norm for an animated series to last for 14 seasons and nearly 150 episodes, and yet Archer has gone out with gumption, grace, and gravitas. The animated spy satire has gone through many facelifts over the years — including several “coma seasons” that transformed the espionage series into a film noir, adventure serial, and space opera — only to return to spy antics with greater confidence than ever. It may feel like Archer has done everything at this point, but the show is finally ready for its biggest challenge yet: an ending.

Archer: Into the Cold is a super-sized series finale that ends the long-running comedy on the high note that it deserves. Archer’s collective brain trust, executive producers Casey Willis, Matt Thompson, and producer Pierre Cerrato, get candid on bringing this series to an end after 14 seasons, which character has shown the most growth by the finale, the coma seasons that didn’t come to pass, and what Sterling and the rest of The Agency crew might be up to following Into the Cold.

Den of Geek: One of my favorite elements of this final season is the addition of Natalie Dew as Zara Khan. Zara feels like such a natural addition to the cast and like she almost out-Archers Archer. Can you talk a little on her development and the struggles of adding a new character in a show’s final season.


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