Rick and Morty Faces Its Fears: Season 7 Episode 10 Explained

“Fear No Mort,” the Rick and Morty season 7 finale, is a trippy experience. The folks behind it explain what it all means.

Rick and Morty in their flying sauce in Rick and Morty season 7.
Photo: Adult Swim

This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty season 7 episode 10.

Rick and Morty season 7 had a lot to be afraid of.

Adult Swim‘s animated hit went into the year without the original voices of its titular characters following co-creator Justin Roiland’s dismissal of the show. This meant that the show’s writing staff, led by co-creator Dan Harmon and showrunner Scott Marder, had to work in two new major voice actors (Ian Cardoni as Rick and Harry Belden as Morty) while also fighting against the inevitable fan perception of creative inertia that all animated series face nearly a decade in.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the theme of season 7’s 10th and final episode all comes down to fear. Fittingly titled “Fear No Mort,” the season finale finds Rick and Morty meeting a mysterious thrill-seeker (voiced by Liev Schreiber) and being brought to a Denny’s bathroom where there exists a hole in the ground that, when entered, subjects the occupant to their greatest fear. As a helpful VHS tape (called “How to Hole”) explains, the hole operates like those little fish in Thai spas that eat the dead skin off your feet. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: the hole gets to consume your fear and you get to conquer it. Seems simple enough – but nothing on Rick and Morty ever is.


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