A Murder at the End of the World Ending Explained

The final episode of A Murder at the End of the World solves the titular murder but it only raises more questions.

“A Murder at the End of the World” -- “Chapter 4: Family Secrets” (airs November 28th) Pictured: (l-r) Emma Corrin as Darby Hart.
Photo: Chris Saunders | FX

This article contains spoilers for A Murder at the End of the World episode 7.

The marketing material for FX‘s A Murder at the End of the World describes it as “a mystery series with a new kind of detective at the helm.” That detective is lead character Darby Hart (Emma Corin) and she is indeed a new kind of sleuth. Darby is the consummate Gen-Z investigator. She is obsessed with true crime, has elite hacking skills, and likes skinny Midwestern boys with tattoos.

But focusing on all the ways in which Darby is different from your typical detective can distract from the ways in which she’s the same. Namely: she’s really good at this stuff – like Sherlock Holmes-level good. After people start dying at the retreat hosting by reclusive tech billionaire Andy Ronson (Clive Owen), there’s really no question for the audience as to whether Darby is going to figure out why … especially when the first victim is her former love (and aforementioned skinny Midwestern boy) Bill Farrah (Harris Dickinson).

Sure enough, by the time the seventh and final episode rolls around, Darby is able to determine who (or what) killed Bill, Rohan, and Sian; why they did it; and what it means for the world at large. Here is the ending of A Murder at the End of the World, explained.


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