The Character Quantum Leap Needs to Bring Back

For everything that the new Quantum Leap has done as a sequel to the original there’s one character that demands a return.

Quantum Leap's Sammy Jo alongside Sam and Ben.
Photo: NBC

The new series of Quantum Leap has brought in many elements from the original show. The returns of Beth (Susan Diol) and one-time leapee Magic (Ernie Hudson), name-checking the Evil Leapers, addressing the question of whether Sam (Scott Bakula) ever made it home, and many more. But two seasons in a major part of Quantum Leap lore has failed to be even hinted at.

Sam’s daughter. Sammy Jo.

Introduced as part of the “Trilogy” series of episodes in 1992 in the original Quantum Leap’s fifth and final season, Sammy Jo’s origin is complicated. The three episodes follow Sam as he leaps into different people attempting to help a woman named Abigail Fuller, who in each leap is accused of murder. Sam first meets her as a young girl in “Trilogy Part 1” when he leaps into her father, saving her from being killed. 

In “Trilogy Part 2” Sam leaps forward in time into a Deputy Sheriff who’s having sex with a now 21-year-old Abigail. Throughout the leap Sam feels an overpowering attachment to Abigail, which seems to be more than just his sharing feelings with the man he leaped into. “Trilogy Part 3” has Sam leap even further ahead in time into a lawyer who’s defending Abigail and he’s introduced to her 11-year-old daughter, Sammy Jo Fuller. Al (Dean Stockwell) informs Sam that she’s his daughter, inheriting his high IQ and photographic memory. 


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