10 Great Batman Christmas Stories That Are Surprisingly Full of Holiday Cheer

Batman’s too grim for Christmas? Think again.

Batman Santa Claus: Silent Knight
Photo: DC Comics

Quick, name a superhero with a more cynical perspective than Batman. Okay, sure there’s Spawn, but I meant in mainstream comics. Yeah, Punisher, but how about in DC Comics? Sure, there’s John Constantine. But I mean a character less suitable for Christmas stories. What’s that you say? Constantine once crushed the bones of St. Nicolas and snorted them into a powder? And Lobo murdered Santa?

Okay, the point is that Batman doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would make for a good Christmas story. Spider-Man can deliver presents while swinging across New York City and Superman has carried Santa’s slay more than once, but Mr. Vengeance doesn’t even like leaving Gotham. Why would he bother with the North Pole?

And yet, Batman has been at the center of several Christmas stories over the year, and some of them are pretty great. Here are the 10 best Batman Christmas stories for anyone looking for a Silent Night Dark Knight. 

“Christmas,” Batman #9 (1941)

For the first Batman Christmas adventure, writer Bill Finger doesn’t stray far from the standard formula. “Christmas” from 1941’s Batman #9 — penciled by Bob Kane, inked by Jerry Robinson and George Roussos, who also provided letters — features an innocent man, a mob boss named Hal Fink, and even a death trap from which Batman and Robin must escape. However, it all comes via a holiday-themed caper, in which the Dynamic Duo learns about a boy (named Tim Cratchit, nodding to A Christmas Carol) whose father (Bob Cratchit, of course) has been framed and imprisoned. 


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