Fargo Season 5 Episode 7 Explained: Who Is Linda?

Fargo season 5 takes a strange journey to Camp Utopia to meet the Lindas. Here’s what it all means.

"FARGO" -- "The Tiger" -- Year 5, Episode 5 (Airs December 12) Pictured (L-R): Sienna King as Scotty Lyon, Juno Temple as Dorothy Lyon
Photo: Michelle Faye | FX

This article contains spoilers for Fargo season 5 episode 7 “Linda.”

FX’s Fargo is not shy about indulging one-off sojourns into the realm of the fantastical. The show’s second season featured a UFO deus ex machina while season 3 took time out for a trip to a celestial bowling alley that might be the afterlife or at least the soundstage for The Big Lebowski.

Fargo‘s latest dip into the dreamworld, however, is one of its most impressive yet. Fargo season 5 episode 7 “Linda” finds our hero Dorothy “Dot” Lyon (Juno Temple) visiting the mysterious Camp Utopia to find her abusive ex-husband Roy Tillman’s (Jon Hamm) first wife Linda (Kari Matchett). In the process she stumbles into a whole bunch of other Lindas (who greet with one another with a cheerful “Hi Linda” like in Barbie) … and some puppets.

At first glance, the proceedings come across as reality – albeit a strange reality. But as the final act of “Linda” reveals, not everything is exactly what it seems. So let’s examine what happens in “Linda” and what it means for Fargo season 5.


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