Murder is Easy: What is an Ikenga, What Was the Secret and More Questions Answered

BBC’s latest Agatha Christie adaptation is a clever beast that raises questions at the ending.

Murder is Easy
Agatha Christie’s Murder Is Easy,27-12-2023,Generics,Dr Thomas (MATHEW BAYNTON), Mrs Humbleby (NIMRA BUCHA), Rev Humbleby (MARK BONNAR), Lord Whitfield (TOM RILEY), Bridget (MORFYDD CLARK), Luke Fitzwilliam (DAVID JONSSON), Miss Pinkerton (PENELOPE WILTON), Major Horton (DOUGLAS HENSHALL), Rivers (JON POINTING), Honoria Wayneflete (SINÉAD MATTHEWS) & Mrs Pierce (TAMZIN OUTHWAITE),Mammoth Screen,Mark Mainz Photo: BBC

Contains spoilers for Murder is Easy including the identity of the murderer.

A Christmas Christie is a treat and Murder is Easy scratches that itch very nicely. Telling the story of a rural village of two halves where people keep getting murdered while the police seemingly do nothing, this latest adap written by Sian Ejiwunmi-Le Berre makes some meaty changes to Christie’s original story. Most noticeably our hero, Luke Fitzwilliam (David Jonsson) is no longer a white policeman but a young Nigerian diplomat. After encountering a lady on a train (Penelope Wilton) who tells him about the deaths in the village and that they were carried out by a respectable person with a point to make, and who is subsequently killed herself, Fitzwilliam feels it’s his duty to find out what’s going on.

In the village of Wychwood Fitzwilliam meets a racist doctor (played by Mathew Bayton), a corrupt Lord (Tom Riley), a disgruntled vicar (Mark Bonnar) and a whole host of less privileged folk who are treated as basically invisible. Whodunit?

It’s quite twisty turny and there are some new symbols and elements to explore here…


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