Fool Me Once Ending Explained: Who Killed Joe and Claire, & What Were the Burketts Hiding?

Binged Netflix’s latest Harlan Coben thriller but still have questions? We unpick the twists here. Spoilers!

Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once
Photo: Netflix

Warning: contains major finale spoilers for Netflix’s Fool Me Once finale.

Adeel Akhtar walked away with that one, didn’t he? As traumatised detective Sami Kierce, Akhtar pulled a what’s known in technical speak as an absolute bloody blinder, lending pathos and depth to a character who, in other hands, could easily have been just another cookie cutter crime mystery cliché.

Fool Me Once is another solid entry in the Harlan Coben Netflix canon, striking that perfect hangover-TV tone of keeping the pace moving at a lick and dishing out revelations and twists at exactly the right interval, without giving you too much trouble under the surface. It was big, heightened, at times extremely unlikely, but always watchable, and concluded its minor class war theme with a victory (if a Pyrrhic one for Maya) against the one percenters, which is just what audiences want to see.

If any of the twists kept you puzzled after the credits had rolled, we attempt to unpick the red herrings from the revelations below. Final spoiler warning!


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