Doctor Who Spin-Offs Are Going To Save the Whoniverse

Stop worrying! A Sea Devils spin-off and many more like it are EXACTLY what’s needed

Doctor Who Legend Of The Sea Devils
Photo: BBC

The worst thing that could possibly happen to a Doctor Who fan is for the show to be cancelled again. Or for it to be broadcast again. Depends who you ask, really. 

Despite the advent of the 15th Doctor and the anticipation that brings, there are nagging doubts abroad concerning the show’s future. And that’s fair enough, really. Some fans are just naturally pessimistic, some remember previous crushed hopes around Doctor Who’s wilderness years, and some just look at the state of TV streaming and feel that pessimism is a fairly realistic outlook. It’s also not unreasonable to be concerned that David Tennant is kicking around somewhere, especially given that it was raised by the host during Gatwa’s recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

Then there are the folk who simply don’t like Russell T Davies’ writing on Doctor Who. A previous line of comfort for anyone not keen on a particular showrunner has always been: ‘Never mind, there’ll be another one along in a few years’.

The question is: ‘Will there?’ The list of plausible showrunners is short, as discovered when Chris Chibnall’s replacement was sought. The BBC wants someone who has a track record with decent-sized, popular productions (and who wants to dedicate most of their life to Doctor Who). There isn’t a huge list of names, and three of them have already done the job. We can’t just go in cycles of Davies > Moffat > Chibnall until one of them dies. We need people ready and willing to showrun and, what’s more, to not be afraid to do things differently.


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