Eternals TV Show Would Have Been Weirder (and Better?) Than the Movie

Before the middling Eternals movie made it to screen, Academy Award winning writer John Ridley had a much weirder TV show planned.

Cast of Marvel's Eternals
Photo: Marvel Studios / Disney

Consider the opening scene from Marvel‘s Eternals. A teenage boy picks up a power drill and switches it on. As the whirring of the motor intensifies, the boy puts the drill to his ear and slowly, methodically. pushes it in.

What? You don’t remember that scene? Probably because it comes not from the 2021 movie Eternals, but from the 2015 television show Eternals. Moreover, it comes from a treatment from writer John Ridley, who had been hired by Marvel to develop the show, which never came to fruition.

Unlike Inhumans, another unpopular Jack Kirby tale about an anti-social group of superpowered weirdos, which was announced as a movie but became a TV series, Eternals began as a television program before it transitioned to a movie. A veteran of television (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Third Watch), movies (winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for 12 Years a Slave), and comics (The Authority: Human on the Inside, The American Way), Ridley seemed like the perfect person to bring the Eternals to the big screen.

Outside of early reports about Ridley making changes to the source material, little has been known about his plans for Eternals. However, while guesting on the Comic Book Club podcast, Ridley revealed more about his take on the titular undying defenders of the planet. And there’s one word that he repeated when describing his version: “Weird.”


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