Please God Let David Fincher Be Serious About Bringing Mindhunter Back

Mindhunter fans once again have a glimmer of hope for the show’s return.

HoltMcCallany in Mindhunter
Photo: Netflix

Ever since the second and final season of Netflix crime drama Mindhunter concluded in late 2019, the world has been a safer, more brightly lit place. And it sucks.

Mindhunter was a modest miracle of a TV show. Created by Joe Penhall and run by visionary director David Fincher, Mindhunter visually looked like nothing else in the streaming world: dark and dreary yet dynamic and direct. Combining that aesthetic with the compelling real life story of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit and their serial killer studies was almost cheating! And reality seemed to think it was. The show was canceled after season 2 since it was too expensive to continue on and Fincher was simply in too high demand with his day job as a generational filmmaker.

Despite Fincher himself declaring in early 2023 that Mindhunter was over over, we Mindhunter-ites can’t help but scour the internet for any morsel of evidence that he and Netflix have changed their mind and the show is on the verge of renewal. Now the latest morsel has arrived courtesy of actor Holt McCallany, who played special agent Bill Tench on the series.

In a conversation with Awards Daily about his career and recent work in The Iron Claw, McCallany lets slip that Fincher might not be as through with Mindhunter as we thought:


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