The Traitors Series 2: Best Tactics for Survival

Season 1 of The Traitors taught us some lessons in tactics. Will the season 2 contestants learn?

Claudia Winkleman in the traitors
The Traitors II,Claudia Winkleman Photo: BBC

This article contains spoilers for The Traitors s1 and episodes 1-3 of The Traitors s2

The Traitors is back for a second series and with it a castle, a Winkleman, challenges, amateur detective work and some slowly emerging villains of the show. A game show (of sorts), with contestants competing for a share of a large sum of money accumulated each episode by winning tasks, the meat of The Traitors is mind games that bookend each episode, when one player gets banished, and another gets “murdered”.

Three episodes have landed – all at once on iPlayer, one a night on BBC One. From episode four they’ll arrive on iPlayer in line with their broadcast dates. Three eps in and we’ve had enough time with the contestants to start to get a sense of who the runners and riders will be, and what tactics will get you banished quicker than a bad smell. 

End of ep three brought an amazing cliffhanger. Diane! Ross! Zack! Brian! Ash! Winkleman teasing more big reveals! There’s a lot to come.


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