TV’s Most Infuriating Love Triangles

Love triangles are a crucial part of romantic TV shows. But some are more infuriating than others.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan (John Corbett) on And Just Like That
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn | Max

Most of us can agree that TV shows thrive on their romantic storylines, but over the years love triangles have increasingly taken over TV’s romantic storylines and divided fans. 

Iconic love triangles have become a commonly used trope to hook viewers in. There is nothing like declaring who the heroine should be with and having to stick with them through the rollercoaster of intense declarations of love and breakups. But despite how annoying and cliché love triangles can be, they lead to some of the best TV moments. So, naturally we decided to take a look at TV’s most infuriating love triangles.

Scandal – Olivia Pope, President Fitzgerald Grant, and Jake Ballard

Scandal is a show built on murder, government conspiracies, and the love triangle among Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Thomas Grant III, (Tony Goldwyn), and Jake Ballard (Scott Foley). The seven-season run of Scandal was iconic as fans anxiously watched to see how Olivia navigated her romantic options each week.

Team Fitz supporters would argue it was the love between Fitz and Olivia that was evident from the first episode, but Jake and Olivia had great moments of both love and friendship and sometimes that was more needed in a relationship. Their relationship however was founded on the fact that they both had complicated history’s which always seemed to come back around to Olivia’s father, Rowan whom Jake saw as a substitute father. Seeing Olivia go back and forth between Fitz and Jake for seven long seasons allowed viewers to watch some of the best and most frustrating moments of the series.


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