Yellowstone, 1923, and More: All Taylor Sheridan Shows Ranked

The Taylor Sheridan TV empire chugs along. So here are all the Yellowstone creator’s series, ranked.

Pictured: Isabel May as Elsa of the Paramount+ original series 1883.
Photo: Emerson Miller | Paramount+

Following the success of chaotic cowboy drama Yellowstone, co-creator Taylor Sheridan has been given an entire book of blank checks, and has cashed as many as he could manage in just five years. While his involvement in these TV projects wavers, sometimes drastically, his brand has always been on point. 

With over half a dozen shows now within the House of Sheridan, let’s take a look at how each program measures up against the rest of the catalog. 

7. Lawmen: Bass Reeves 

The story of real life American folk legend Bass Reeves (David Oyelowo) was originally supposed to be a larger cog in the Yellowstone prequel machine, but as it continued to evolve, it became its own standalone project, which works both for and against the show. Part of the charm of the Yellowstone prequels for any Sheridan fan is getting to search for connections between the different generations of the Dutton family. Naturally, any show can thrive without being connected to the first family of Montana, but without that angle, Bass Reeves lacks the same cabal of interesting characters. 

Truthfully, Sheridan had very little to do with this series, only acting as executive producer, but some familiar Sheridan touches persist. Like other Sheridan shows, there is tactful and thoughtful representation of First Nations culture, and how Reeves was known for being a man who treated all men and women with respect. While Oyelowo turns in a tremendous, Golden Globe-nominated performance, and while veteran performers the likes of Barry Pepper, Dennis Quaid, Donald Sutherland, and newcomer Forrest Goodluck give short but captivating character portrayals, it doesn’t save Bass Reeves from being relatively one note. 


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