Best TV Shows for Kids Who’ve Just Discovered Doctor Who

Is your child hooked on Doctor Who after the 60th and Christmas specials? Here’s what to watch in the wait for the new episodes in May 2024.

Star Trek: Prodigy
Photo: Paramount

Russell T Davies has a plan for Doctor Who’s survival: New. Fans.

It’s the same plan he had in 2005 when the show was first revived, but this time, it comes with a much bigger piggy bank courtesy of Disney+, and an appendix titled something like ‘Marvel(lous) World Domination’. International streaming, spin-offs, famous guest stars who bring crossover fandoms with them… It’s all about welcoming new viewers to the massive world of Doctor Who and creating lifelong fans in the making. Again.

Things are off to a solid start after David Tennant’s return in the three anniversary specials and Ncuti Gatwa’s debut adventure in “The Church on Ruby Road”, but there’s more fanfare to come, says Davies. Speaking at a Cardiff press conference in November 2023, he described the international streaming launch so far as low-key. “Disney are going to launch it massively when Ncuti’s first season comes along. That’s going to be all bells and whistles.”

If your child/pupil/niece/nephew/young neighbour was swept up the first new wave of invitations to board the TARDIS in November 2023 and is now climbing the walls waiting for the next episodes to arrive in May 2024, as well as going right back to the start and working their way through 60 years of Doctor Who, here are some other shows to keep them entertained.  


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