Biker Mice From Mars Somehow Wasn’t a Fever Dream

Most ’90s cartoons are a little strange but Biker Mice From Mars may have been the strangest.

Biker Mice From Mars
Photo: Disney

They rock. They ride. They wear pants. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie are a trio of humanoid mice who were freedom fighters kidnapped from Mars during the Plutarkian invasion, when their archenemies destroyed half the planet. They thought they’d escaped until a Plutarkian rocket crashed into their spaceship and sent them hurtling down to Chicago. Since their bikes crashed with them, the first place they had to get their tails to was the Last Chance Garage. Underappreciated mechanic Charlene “Charley” Davidson is often pulled into their undertakings, all of which center on trashing evil Plutarkian chairman Lawrence Limburger.

Biker Mice From Mars was undoubtedly one of the most awesomely weirdest shows to come out of the ‘90s, with the original series running from 1993-1996. You might think you saw something as bizarre as bionic mice in your sleep, but it was definitely on TV. There was a 2006 reboot that gave certain villains the fate they deserved. Now, with another reboot possibly on the horizon, we look back at the most unbelievable things about the adventures of a trio of mice who are everything mice technically aren’t supposed to be. Let’s rock and ride!

Biker Mice From Mars Are Barely Mice

Earth mice? Don’t know them. These rodents are with buff bods and antennae who never heard of stereotypes like “quiet as a mouse” until they landed on our turf. Not that they were ever quiet. They rock out to heavy metal while zooming down the streets of Chicago on their bikes and cranking up the boombox while playing hockey with a hubcap in Charley’s garage. Unfortunately, being too attached to your radio (because things like Spotify didn’t exist in 1993) can have its drawbacks. When their bike radios break down, Limburger tries to exploit that by starting up his own bogus radio station to lure them over. 

Being a Martian mouse has its advantages. Their tails are also strong enough to lasso things hands-free—there’s a reason it’s always “tail-whippin’ time!” A tail like that can wrangle one of Limburger’s goons or save innocent citizens from danger. It’s also a convenient way to grab something and hurl it at one of Karbunkle’s many robotic contraptions that come after them.


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