Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 Is the Final Season Until It’s Not

HBO is leaving the door open for more Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David and Jeff Garlin in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12.
Photo: John Johnson | HBO

Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David has made clear that season 12 will be the final outing for his long-running HBO comedy. From the sound of things, however, HBO would very much prefer that not be the case.

In a new wide-ranging interview with Variety, HBO and Max CEO Casey Bloys discussed the network’s upcoming efforts including The Last of Us season 2, The White Lotus season 3, and yes: the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In speaking about Curb‘s swan song, Bloys made clear that HBO would be on standby should David ever change his mind.

“For as long as I’ve been at HBO, we’ve had Curb,” Bloys said. “And it’s always been an open door. And look, even though he’s saying it’s the last season — and I think he has told the story he wants to tell — if in a couple years, he said I got one more idea, we would of course be open to that.”

Certainly this is not the most Earth-shattering news we’ve ever heard. This just in: “Cable executive would like extremely popular and successful comedy to keep airing on his cable network.” But it’s still worth bringing up to illustrate just how deep the Larry David and HBO relationship goes and how unlikely and bizarre this end of an era must feel for the pay cabler.


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