Eric Andre Live Near Broadway Review: Ranch That Requires More Seasoning

Eric Andre’s live special is a fun dose of absurdity between seasons, but lacks the charm and impact of a standard installment.

Eric Andre Live Near Broadway
Photo: Adult Swim

“I have nothing prepared, man. What should I do?”

The Eric Andre Show is one of Adult Swim’s few remaining legacy programs and its only live-action series currently in production. The nightmare sketch and variety show has been around for over a decade and has featured a wide range of guests that includes Seth Rogen, Dermot Mulroney, Jon Hamm, and Ryan Phillipe. 

Andre’s initial plan was to end the series after its fifth season, but he continues to return for more chaos and the show’s most recent year has contained some of the series’ best and most unhinged material. Filmed at New York City’s Terminal 5, Eric Andre Live Near Broadway is an “extra” installment that translates Andre’s exaggerated style of comedy to a live audience setting. The special has its share of laughs and trademark Eric Andre Show insanity, but it lacks the signature ranch recipe that makes the ongoing show such a success.

Eric Andre Live Near Broadway is not the show’s yet-to-be-confirmed seventh season, but it’s a lo-fi version of a standard episode that does a good enough job at capturing the series’ energy. There’s the usual desk destruction, monologue, wild characters, and interview segments (through a mix of both actual celebrities and audience members). There’s an endearing DIY element to this special that takes Andre back to his scrappier roots. Eric Andre Live Near Broadway also doesn’t waste its fully packed audience. Andre has his fans hold the cue cards for his monologue, drenches them with comedy, and let them into the inner workings of his performance. 


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