Reboot The Avengers All You Like, But That Title Means Marvel Now

No, not Iron Man and The Hulk – the other Avengers.

The Avengers Steed and Emma Peel
Photo: ITV/BritBox

The UK’s second most famous 1960s British spy fantasy after James Bond is finally getting its long-rumoured reboot, reports Deadline. But what are they going to call it?

Two years before Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and co. made their comic book debut as ‘The Avengers’ in 1963, a UK TV series of the same name arrived that would continue all the way through the decade, and beyond in the form of 1970s sequel The New Avengers.

The Avengers was a one-hour weekly spy adventure series created by Doctor Who co-creator Sydney Newman, and starring Patrick Macnee as secret agent John Steed, with Bond actor Honor Blackman, Dame Diana Rigg, and Linda Thorson. As one of the UK’s most fondly remembered spy series featuring two of our most recognisable-in-silhouette TV characters, there’s been talk of a revival for years.

And now, says Deadline, it’s happening. StudioCanal is reportedly in talks with the writers of HBO/BBC finance drama Industry Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, and Sex Education director Ben Taylor, to usher in the revival. If all goes well, a new John Steed and Emma Peel will be cast, and audiences will get to see a fresh take on the gentleman spy and his catsuit-wearing assistant.


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