Doctor Who Switching to a New Companion So Soon Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

Millie Gibson handing over to Varada Sethu already? It was ever thus.

Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who
Photo: Disney+/BBC

Has everybody forgotten which show this is?

Over the weekend, The Mirror reported the rumoured news that Millie Gibson’s time in the TARDIS has all but come to an end, and that the Doctor’s next companion is already filming scenes for season two. According to the report, Varada Sethu (Strike Back, Jurassic World: Dominion, Andor) in an as-yet-undisclosed role will be taking over from Ruby Sunday as the Doctor’s companion during the next series.

Cue: a lot of bad faith headlines about Gibson being ‘fired’, ‘axed’ or ‘dropped’ from the show in a fandom-rocking ‘shock’ move that is… exactly how Doctor Who has worked since the year dot. Companions come and companions go. That’s why there are enough of them to fill up a Routemaster bus, but only 15(ish) Doctors.

Of course Millie Gibson wasn’t going to stick around forever – her character was introduced in 2023 Christmas special “The Church on Ruby Road” with a mystery all of her own. Foundling Ruby Sunday was left outside a church as a newborn by an unidentified figure, and series 14/season one (as it’s being styled) promises to return to that church and solve that enigma.


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