Doctor Who Set Photos Offer First Look at Varada Sethu in Costume

We have our first look at Varada Sethu on the set of Doctor Who!

Doctor Who TARDIS
Photo: BBC/Disney+

This Doctor Who article contains spoilers.

After a weekend of speculation and reports (some of which were spread in bad faith) regarding her casting, we now have our first look at rumored series 15 companion Varada Sethu on the set of Doctor Who. In photos taken at Penarth Pier in South Wales, we can see a gussied up Sethu in a dazzling vintage yellow dress alongside Ncuti Gatwa’s always stylish Doctor in a powder blue suit and rocking a new hairdo, as they flee the chaos unfolding on what looks like a 1950s American street. (The Doctor’s even brought the bowtie back. Perhaps he thinks they’re cool again?)

The leaked photos that made their way onto Twitter also show the Doctor and Sethu’s as of yet unnamed character hanging out in front of an old movie house, the fictional “Palazzo,” which is showing a film starring real-life 1950s Hollywood star Rock Hudson. Curiously, the theater is playing a movie called “The Harvest Bringer,” which isn’t a real film that Hudson made. Something timey wimey may be afoot! Either way, it seems like the episode wants to evoke the Golden Age of Hollywood with this set.

Regarding where exactly this series 15 episode takes place, one reliable Doctor Who filming watchdog handle alleges these particular scenes are set in 1950s Miami, and the production certainly sets the right mood with those classic cars parked around the street and the American flag flying next to the theater. A big, bright arrow-shaped sign not far from where the Doctor parked his TARDIS promises “donuts” if you walk in the right direction. Yum.


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