Netflix’s Unbelievable Is a Perfect Companion to American Nightmare

Before American Nightmare, Netflix interrogated our inability to take survivors at their word with 2019’s Unbelievable.

Charlie McDermott, Kaitlyn Dever, Patricia Fa'asua.
Photo: Beth Dubber | Netflix

This article addresses the real life events behind American Nightmare and Unbelievable.

A young woman is assaulted by a brazen home invader. The police don’t believe the crime occurred and accuse the woman of lying for attention. Later on, the home invader strikes again, confirming that the story was true all along.

The above summary describes the real life experience of Denise Huskins as recounted in Netflix’s latest docuseries, American Nightmare. In 2015, Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn were attacked and drugged in their home by an intruder. Denise would then be kidnapped by the masked man, raped by him twice, and released back home to a world where police just couldn’t buy her version of events, true as they were.

It just so happens that the above summary also describes 2019 Netflix miniseries Unbelievable. And that’s why it needs to be added to your queue the moment American Nightmare‘s third and final episode concludes. Unbelievable is a perfect companion piece to American Nightmare. It will turn the natural question of “how could this have happened?” into “how could this have happened again?”


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