Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once Book Explains the Nanny Cam ‘Plot Hole’

Was Eva in on it too? Spoilers ahead

Joanna Lumley in Fool Me Once
Photo: Netflix

Warning: contains spoilers for Fool Me Once.

“I often find that people think they find plot holes when in truth they just haven’t considered every possibility. But that’s part of the fun.” So Harlan Coben (an author whose job is to consider every possibility, blindfold every possibility, and spin every possibility by the shoulders until it staggers off bumping into the furniture) told

Coben was responding to a popular question left on viewers’ lips at the end of new Netflix thriller Fool Me Once: why did Emmett J Scanlan’s character Shane put a tracker on Maya’s car – was he up to no good?

The answer to that one is simple, said Coben. Military Police officer Shane was just a good pal worried about his friend’s erratic and secretive behaviour in the wake of her sister and husband’s murders. He tracked Maya’s car without telling her for her and daughter Lily’s protection.


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