Griselda Blanco True Story: What Netflix’s Griselda Series Leaves Out

Netflix’s Griselda can’t fit the entire story of the titular queenpin into six episodes.

Griselda. Sofia Vergara as Griselda in episode 102 of Griselda.
Photo: Elizabeth Morris | Netflix

This article contains spoilers for Griselda season 1.

Netflix’s latest crime drama miniseries, Griselda, from the minds behind Narcos, had an immense and wild real-life story to pull from. Just like her infamous contemporary and compatriot Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco (aka The Godmother and The Queen of Cocaine), played by an unrecognizable Sofia Vergara, led a notorious life driven by drugs, violence, greed, and murder. And while the show does a pretty comprehensive job of condensing the most thrilling, dramatic aspects and events of her life into six hours, it’s a nearly impossible task to include everything about her. The details in the life of such prominent and vicious criminals like Blanco to pick from are almost endless.

Thus, we gathered the most gripping elements the miniseries chose to leave out.

Griselda’s Early Years

Likely, the biggest omission in Griselda is the lack of portrayal of Blanco’s upbringing that led her to become a ruthless criminal. Though it’s mentioned briefly that she came from a poor and violent background, there’s not much on her immediate family. According to, Blanco was raised by a single mother who was an alcoholic and prostitute. She regularly beat her, and allegedly, one of her ex-boyfriends sexually assaulted Griselda as a child. That resulted in Blanco running away from home and becoming a pickpocket as a teenager, and it’s also said that she turned to prostitution at that time for financial support — though the latter allegation was denied by multiple sources.


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