Masters of the Air Cast and Character Guide

From Austin Butler to Barry Keoghan, Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air features familiar actors playing real life WWII figures.

Episode 1. Barry Keoghan and Austin Butler in "Masters of the Air," premiering January 26, 2024 on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Following in the footsteps of Band of Brothers and The Pacific, Masters of the Air is the third entry into a collection of epic World War II limited series from producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Like its “Brothers” before it, Masters of the Air also features a massive cast. And we mean like … massive.

Masters of the Air‘s Wikipedia page reveals that more than 60 actors are credited in this nine-episode Apple TV+ series. Employing that many speaking roles makes sense, of course, as the Allies’ efforts to defeat Hitler and the Axis in WWII required quite a bit of manpower. It’s only nature that any miniseries telling that story would try to capture the scale of it all.

Series producer Gary Goetzman credits casting director Lucy Bevan with getting the impressive cadre of actors together.

“[Casting] had to be done on Zoom basically because it was during COVID. It was a very difficult process,” Goetzman told Den of Geek during the show’s junket. “And yet I’m just so thrilled that it came out so well and we got such great people. They had to shoot for 10 months, under impossible conditions and being in those cockpits that we built for them.”


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