A Jaq Spin-Off Could Be the Perfect Next Move for Top Boy

Top Boy is over, but Netflix may not be finished with it yet.

Jasmine Jobson in Top Boy
Photo: Netflix

It’s rare for a hit TV show to end quite as definitively as Top Boy. The London-set crime drama finished in September 2023 with a full stop instead of a comma. After five acclaimed series (two on its original Channel 4 home before cancellation and three after its Drake-assisted revival on Netflix) the series came to a close, and fans had to wave goodbye to the Summerhouse Estate.

But not for too long. Soon after the final series concluded, Top Boy creator Ronan Bennett published a tie-in novel Jaq: A Top Boy Story, which is out now in paperback. It’s the story of the Summerhouse gang as told from the perspective of one of its lieutenants who climbed the ranks all the way to a major confrontation with the gang leaders – Jaq, as played by Jasmine Jobson.

On the promotional circuit for the paperback release, Bennett announced that he was in discussions with Netflix about a potential new Top Boy TV spin-off, with the involvement of the show’s celebrity executive producer Drake.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live’s Nihal Arthanayake, as reported by Deadline, Bennett said: “We are talking to Netflix about a spin-off, which will be around Jaq.” He went on to emphasise that the talks were provisional and there were no guarantees as yet.


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